Home Safety is an Investment in Your Independence

What level of independence do you desire in your home? And, most importantly…do you have it? Is your house supporting you as you age? Each year, the Creative Renovations team invests in Safety Month in Columbus because we know how important home safety is as we age. Historically, these things were either not possible, too expensive, or not safe. This is not the world we live in. Today, accessibility solutions are available to help you live independently for as long as you choose. Many subtle adjustments that can be made to your home – over time, to support your independence. We are a nonprofit housing organization with over 20 years of experience serving families just like yours.

How do we do it?

Fine tuning your house over the years with small additions, such as, strategically placed grab bars, zero threshold showers or stair railings can head off a premature move to a nursing facility caused by an accident at home. For the third year, we are spending the entire month of March reaching out to seniors, families, and care givers to stress that, as we age, it is important for families to talk about making these important adjustments, at the right time, and with the right partners. Families opening up to talk about this before an accident happens is key. We encourage you not to think of adding safety features to your home as a “surrender” to the aging process, but rather, as an investment in your future independence.

Look for our Home Safety Month accessibility weekly tips here, and in This Week newspapers throughout March, including videos on home accessibility projects that can support you in your home.

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