Handicapped bathroom remodeling and design.

Navigating a bathroom raises unique challenges for people with disabilities. At Creative Renovations, our construction experts can address each of your specific needs to create a handicap bathroom design that is safe,  smart or innovative and beautiful.

We offer a wide range of handicapped accessible bathroom remodeling options; from therapeutic design solutions such as hydrotherapy spas, to safety and comfort solutions including grab bars, emergency call systems, roll-in or walk-in showers, non-slip tiles, user-friendly and needs-specific accessories.

We also specialize in the following handicapped bathroom accessibility features:

    • Roll-in and step-in showers: Our barrier-free shower designs come in a variety of sizes and styles while also meeting Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to ensure that each roll-in shower is accessible to all ADA wheelchairs.
    • Handheld and grab bar shower heads: Grab bar shower heads add an extra element of stability for those needing help in and out of the shower, while handheld shower heads allow for added mobility.
    • Accessible toilets: Our handicap accessible toilets are wheelchair-height and adhere to ADA standards. We offer a variety of styles and specialty accessories for a truly custom toilet.
    • Roll-under sinks: Our roll-under sink options ensure that every surface of your bathroom is wheelchair accessible and useable.
    • Grab bars (wall secured, flip-down, floor-to-wall, tub mounted): Grab bars can be installed throughout the home to increase safety and mobility. We offer a wide range of grab bars for every room, from kitchen to bathroom, to fit your specific needs.
    • SuperPole Systems: A floor-to-ceiling grab bar that installs by using pressure between the floor and ceiling, a SuperPole System is the perfect solution for those who require assistance with standing, transferring or moving in bed.
    • Shower and commode chairs: Easily and efficiently update your bathroom with shower and commode chairs. This common addition supports the body comfortably and can make shower and commode use simple again.
    • Track and lift systems: Lift systems are an excellent solution for lifting and transferring those with limited mobility, especially where space is limited.

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