When I turned 50 the mail from AARP began to show up. I was mildly amused asking the question often asked “How did they know?” Yet I also have to admit to a to a certain feeling of defiance. AfterallI WAS NOT OLD. Consequently AARP mailings to my home proceeded through a direct trajectory from my mailbox to recycle bin….unopened. In my mind part of staying young was a refusal to admit that aging was having any effect on me.

For several years now Creative Renovations has been in the forefront in central Ohio of renovating homes for accessibility. I still would maintain that part of staying young is “defying” the aging process but I have also come to learn, along with our many customers, that there are often ways to modify a home that readily compensate for physical limitations that come with aging or a disability. We are seeing that something as simple as a grab bar can greatly enhance bathroom safety and a “voice activated” home can give previously unimagined independence to a quadriplegic.

I have used the term ‘journey” to describe our interactions with our clients. When we work with an individual with a physical disability to adapt their home to their changing needs it is often begins with them perceiving a limitation in their life. If we do our job well,  they will begin to see new possibilities.

If you or someone that you care about is contemplating accessibility renovations I hope this site will be useful to you. Your ideas and comments are welcome-