Welcome to Creative Renovations

Creative Renovations was launched in 2008 to address the growing need for a centralized expert resource that could deliver accessibility construction and renovation services that are not overly priced, scary, unsafe or intimidating to families and individuals in Greater Columbus. Through our work with many families, we have learned that it is a very difficult decision for families to decide when the right time to accept when their loved one may need accessibility features to maximize safety in their home.

Our accessibility construction team makes families and individuals feel comfortable while delivery critical accessibility construction solutions that are not being developed by a traditional builder. We leverage our 21 years of providing housing for people with varying physical abilities. We have seen the need firsthand, we have learned how to do it better than anyone else, and we have listened to the community. Creative Renovations is the next generation of “independence” for people who wish to stay safely in their homes.

As a nonprofit organization, we partner with organizations and therapists to deliver the safest accessibility designs available. Below is a short list of those that we can assist:

• Families or individuals
• Agencies serving senior citizens in their homes
• Agencies serving wounded veterans
• Families with a member who has a disability in need of automated solutions for maximum independence
• Occupational therapists or physical therapists who work with people recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injury or any issue affecting their mobility
• Churches or public buildings in need of accessibility renovations for ADA compliance