Adaptive Equipment

Our life-changing adaptive equipment is tailored to your needs

Are you in need of adaptive equipment to assist with your daily activities? Could your child or loved one with disabilities or other special needs benefit from adaptive or therapeutic equipment? From iPad applications to portable ramps, Creative Renovations can provide the suitable tools to address your unique needs.

Designing an adaptive home is more than just remodeling. At Creative Renovations, we consider every angle to support your independent living. Sometimes a piece of adaptive equipment is the missing piece of the puzzle that will complete a client’s needs. Creative Renovations believes that no need is out of our reach. Take a look at the possibilities below or get in touch with us directly to learn more about our products.

Adaptive and accessible design tools and equipment

Portable ramps: Made of lightweight aluminum with a skid-proof surface, portable ramps are a cost-effective alternative when a permanent ramp isn’t feasible.

Adaptive iPad applications: Augmentative and Alternative Communication applications for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all.

Therapy swings: Designed for maximum support, therapy swings cradle the adult or child to provide a safe and secure experience.

Transfer aids: We can provide the appropriate transfer aid for every situation, whether turning in bed, transferring from bed to wheelchair or any other need. Transfer aids can be a huge benefit to both caregivers and persons with limited mobility.

Adaptive seating: Creative Renovations can assist in obtaining adaptive seating and accessories to promote proper posture and increase independent functioning while seated.

Personal Medical Adaptive Equipment: We can coordinate between the client and product providers/manufacturer to enable clients to obtain proper medical adaptive equipment that they would otherwise be unable to obtain due to funding and/or provider limitations. Equipment can be as simple as adaptive shoes, specialized splints, hearing aids or sensory equipment to assist in calming and soothing clients.

Special needs bicycles/tricycles: Bicycles/tricycles come in all sizes and varieties to accommodate children, teens and adults. They include necessary features like maneuverability and ease of use and offer a unique outlet for those with disabilities.