Our custom wheelchair ramps, lifts and tracks are completely flexible to any home

No two houses should look identical on a street and no handicapped-accessible ramp or remodeling project should be “cookie-cutter.” All houses are unique to the owner and any accessible features needed should enhance that uniqueness, not compromise it. With that in mind, we help many clients create barrier-free entrances and homes by providing solutions that offer a comfortable way to enter and move throughout the house, without compromising the charm. At Creative Renovations, we design wheelchair ramp plans, stair lifts and track systems that can make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of those with limited mobility.

Take our client from Upper Arlington, for example. Her child remarked that, “After years of not wanting an upstairs laundry, my mom is now its biggest fan. Creative Renovations even matched her interior décor, which was a bonus we never expected.”

Whether you live in a multilevel home and require an elevator or simply need an outdoor wheelchair ramp to access your home, we can handle any project. Read more about our product selection or get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

Wheelchair ramps, lifts and tracks

Ramps and railings (permanent, modular, portable): We can build or install both indoor and outdoor ramps to meet your needs. Easy and durable, portable ramps are also the perfect permanent ramp alternative, while modular ramps are an excellent choice when mobility needs surpass the scope of portable ramps.

Track and lift systems: Lift systems are an excellent solution for lifting and transferring those with limited mobility, especially where space is limited.

Stair lifts (interior and exterior): Install stair lifts to change your home rather than your life. Stair lifts are an ideal option for those seeking independence in a multilevel home.

Wheelchair lifts: This easy-to-use solution increases mobility by creating wheelchair access to higher levels like a deck or upper levels of your home.

Elevators: Not only do elevators increase home value, but they also change the lives of many who wish to age at home or who have special needs. In-home elevators have a high load capacity, making them a safe and easy mode of transportation.

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