Home Safety Month

Why Home Safety Matters

Statistics now show that one out of every three seniors age 65 or over falls in their home each year. Of this group, those who suffer fractures face the likelihood of not returning to their home to live independently but will remain in a skilled nursing facility. These are very sobering facts. Most of us approach our senior years with the hopes of staying mentally and physically active and “defying” the aging process. Through working with our many customers, we have come to learn, that there are ways to modify a home that makes up for the physical limitations that come with aging or a disability. These improvements dramatically reduce the likelihood of an injury that could result in a person having to move to a nursing home.

As a community service, Creative Housing/Creative Renovations has created a monthlong home safety community awareness campaign. The goal is to reach out to seniors, their families, and care givers to stress that, as we age, it is important that we make adjustments to our homes to support our desire for continued independence. Extra grab bars, railings or zero-threshold, roll-in showers are all simple adjustments that can be thoughtfully deployed in a home to support a senior’s desire to age in place. We encourage you not wait to think of home renovations for safety and accessibility as a “surrender” to the aging process, but rather, as a positive means to support your desire to live in your home for as long as possible.

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We have assisted hundreds of families in Columbus with this delicate decision and have seen first-hand the empowerment felt after our work is completed. We look forward to the opportunity of bringing you important information on how to plan and renovate your home for safety as you age. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call our offices at 614-418-7725.

Safety Month, In Partnership with ThisWeek.