Home Automation and Specialized Equipment

Let our team design an adaptive home to do the work for you

Creative Renovations makes families and disabled individuals feel comfortable by creating and designing critical adaptive housing solutions through automated and specialized equipment. We have the unrivaled ability to fully automate or voice activate a home. Our capabilities are a direct result of more than 20 years of providing housing for people with disabilities. We have seen the need firsthand, inspiring us to research and stay up to date with the latest innovations and technology that allow us to do it better than anyone else.

We leverage technology in your home to help you live independently. In your adaptive home, you can control many of your home and lifestyle features from a computer and/or from a wheelchair. Contact us to see how we can help you through home automation and specialized equipment.

Automated and specialized equipment for adaptive housing

Automated TV and stereo, lighting, security cameras, window coverings and more: Control critical functions of your home from the comfort of a computer and/or wheelchair. Take advantage of motion-activated and timed lighting systems and well-positioned light switches.

Automatic door openers: Wheelchair users can now open side-hinged doors with ease and independence through the installation of automatic door openers.

Residential elevators and vertical lifts: If you or your family member lives in a multilevel home, residential elevators and vertical lifts can give access to the entire house. We offer multiple handicap lift options to suit your needs.

Stair lifts: A stair lift can make your entire home accessible and greatly promote independent living. We provide multiple styles to suit your home, including straight, corners and spiral.

Exterior lifts: Elevated doorways can pose a unique challenge to those with disabilities. Exterior lifts are a practical way to promote barrier-free living.

Point-of-use and ceiling track lift systems: Lift systems are indispensable for family members and caregivers looking for an easy, safe and dignified transfer method for those with limited mobility. This system extends over the bed, tub, commode or other access point to facilitate transfers to and from a wheelchair.