You are receiving this email because we consider you an important member of the Creative community. For over 20 years, we have advocated, innovated, and motivated the Central Ohio community to make accessibility housing a priority. With your support, we have succeeded – but, more work needs to be done. As you read this, we ask that you think of individuals, families, or organizations that may benefit from the information. Please consider forwarding this note to link them to March Home Safety Month and our team. Enjoy the sun in March.

Home Safety Month Week 1

Many of us want to stay in our homes as we age. After all, home is the place that we have built and lived our lives. To do this, we need to have a home that fits our physical needs as we age. Simple adjustments that bring safety is key! Home accessibility is not only doable but widely considered the norm as we are all living longer, and healthier than ever. Is your house supporting you as you age?

Four consecutive years, the Creative Renovations team invests in Home Safety Month in Columbus to ensure that everyone who desires to stay in their home knows that they have a local partner qualified to help them. We continue to grow the number of accessibility projects we complete with local families. Families just like yours.

How do we do it? 

Fine-tuning your home over the years with strategically placed grab bars, zero threshold showers or stair railings can head off a premature move to a nursing facility caused by an accident at home. Now in our 4th consecutive year, we are spending the entire month of March reaching out to seniors, families, and caregivers to stress that, as we age, it is important for families to talk about making these important adjustments, at the right time, and with the right partners. Families opening up to talk about this before an accident happens is key. We encourage you to join us in not seeing this as a “surrender” to the aging process, but rather, as an investment in your future independence.

Look for Home Safety Month accessibility weekly tips here throughout March. Also, visit our web site at for additional information, including videos on home accessibility projects that can support you in your home.

Home Safety month is a public awareness campaign developed by Creative Renovations to help seniors and families stay safely and happily in their homes for as long as they choose. Look for our Home Safety Month accessibility weekly tips here throughout March. Also, visit our website at for additional information, including client videos or to schedule your own appointment with our accessible bathroom team. Our team is standing by to answer your questions, 1.614.418.7725. 

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