Construction Process

Construction Process

Six steps to handicap home remodeling and construction.

Combining innovative accessibility options, creative building and capable partners results not only in a superior accessible home remodeling but also in true independent living. Our team is committed to effective project management and quality control to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Decades of experience have led to a detailed process that delivers precise handicap remodeling. From the initial assessment to our personal promise to you, our six steps ensure that no detail goes overlooked.

Onsite Assessment

  • A project manager will meet with each client onsite.
  • The client shall identify his/her individual accessibility needs, scheduling needs and budgetary constraints.
  • The project manager will request additional insight with regards to the client’s everyday lifestyle.
  • Together, the client and project manager will identify immediate and potential future adaptive housing needs and assess the challenges of the existing home.
  • The project manager will provide initial recommendations for home renovations to address the client’s needs.
  • This process may last as little as an hour or require multiple meetings. Creative Renovations will devote the time necessary to reach a clear understanding of the client’s needs and the renovations required for the home.

Scope of work

  • Upon agreement of the direction for the home renovations, Creative Renovations will develop a comprehensive scope of work for the project.
  • The scope of work will provide the client and the Creative Renovations team an indication of the strategic direction for the renovation or “new build” project and identify the construction components of the project.
  • In some cases, the scope of work may require some changes due to the dynamic nature of changing needs and product improvements.
  • The scope of work may serve as a reference tool for clients during both the design and construction phases.

Accessible design phase

  • Creative Renovations’ in-house design team will create drawings as needed to illustrate the ideas and concepts for your new handicap remodeled home identified in the scope of work.
  • The client will have the opportunity to review the drawings, ask questions and make comments.

Pre-construction phase

  • Creative Renovations will provide the client with anticipated project costs for approval.
  • The project will go through the local or county building permitting process as required.
  • Creative Renovations and the client will finalize project costs and schedule for construction.

Construction management phase

  • Creative Renovations collaborates with a long list of approved vendors and partners.
  • Creative Renovations will monitor the construction process so that the project meets quality and schedule expectations of the client.
  • Upon substantial completion, the project manager and client will perform an onsite assessment of the work to identify any unresolved matters.

The Creative Renovations promise and warranty

  • Creative Renovations will provide the client with project closeout documents, including a general warranty, manufacturer’s literature relating to the project, and any other pertinent information.
  • Creative Renovations provides a one-year warranty on every renovation or “new build” project.

Creative Renovations is on hand to assist you with all your accessibility design and construction needs. Projects may be as straightforward as the installation of a stability bar or ramp, as innovative as remodeling an existing bathroom or kitchen, or as customized as designing and building a needs-specific home. No request is out of the question.

If you are interested in learning if we are the right partner for your construction needs, please contact our office at 614-418-7725 x30 or send your request to