Life happens. As a result many of us are forced to learn to live with physical limitations ranging from the mildly annoying to the truly challenging. As a company specializing in accessibility home renovations, we continue to encounter situations where the installation of a low cost product is able to make life so much easier for anyone with a physical limitation.

For example, let’s just focus on a relatively simple task: getting in your front door. Imagine you have rheumatoid arthritis and can’t turn a standard round handle. The installation of a simple lever handle makes door opening much easier. Can’t open a door lock with a key? There are a number of push button lock systems available. Can’t open your front door from your wheelchair? We can install a remote control entry (if necessary, we can make it voice activated) which will unlock your front door, open it to let you enter, and, then close and relock the door behind you.

Our entire accessibility team is solution-based and dare I say “creative”. One example of that creativity occurred recently. Our customer in this case was a service dog. Yes, a service dog. The dog needed to routinely get out into the yard which posed some difficulty for his wheelchair bound owner. We were able to attach a simple sensor to the dog’s collar enabling him to let himself out at night through an existing automatic door system and return with the door locking behind him. This was a solution-based accessibility project that left our entire feeling fulfilled and inspired.

The number of accessibility products available on the internet alone to assist people dealing with an array of physical difficulties has expanded exponentially in recent years. Many of these products are well designed and offer improved independence.  If you find yourself being increasingly limited by your surroundings, I feel it’s worth a simple investment of your time to research the evolving home accessibility product options available. Once you take the step, you may find it to be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Patrick Rafter, CEO

Creative Housing|Creative Renovations has been a pioneer in providing custom accessible home renovations throughout Central Ohio since 1992.